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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of issues or conditions do you specialize in treating at your teen treatment center?

At our teen treatment center, we specialize in treating a range of issues and conditions that commonly affect teenagers, including anxiety, depression, substance use, self-esteem issues, trauma, eating disorders, and behavioral difficulties.

How do I know if my teenager needs professional help or treatment?

Recognizing if your teenager needs professional help can be challenging. However, some signs to look out for include persistent changes in mood or behavior, a decline in academic performance, social withdrawal, increased irritability, substance use, or self-harm. If you're concerned about your teenager's well-being, talk to one of our professionals at 561-220-9228

Are the treatment programs at your center tailored to each individual teenager?

Yes, our treatment programs are highly personalized to meet the unique needs of each teenager. We conduct thorough assessments and collaborate with the teenager and their family to develop a treatment plan that addresses their specific challenges, goals, and strengths.

How long do the treatment programs typically last?

The duration of our treatment programs varies depending on the specific needs of the teenager. It can range from several weeks to several months. We believe in providing comprehensive care that allows teenagers to progress at their own pace and achieve lasting results.

Will my teenager have access to educational resources and support while in treatment?

Education is a vital component of our treatment programs. We have dedicated educational resources and support services to ensure that teenagers can continue their academic studies while receiving treatment. Our team works closely with the teenager's school to create an individualized academic plan and provide necessary support to maintain educational progress.

How involved are the families in the treatment process?

We strongly believe in involving families in the treatment process. We offer family therapy sessions and provide resources to help families understand their teenager's challenges, develop healthy communication patterns, and create a supportive home environment that promotes long-term healing.

Can you provide aftercare or support services once the treatment program is completed?

Yes, we provide comprehensive aftercare and support services to ensure a smooth transition after completing the treatment program. This may include ongoing therapy sessions, alumni support groups, relapse prevention planning, and referrals to community resources for continued support.

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